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Items tagged with ALKYD RESIN

SINTAL 204 / 60 X

General porpouse resin for polyurethane and nitrocellulose wood coatings particularly designed for PU matt topcoats.

SINTAL A 40 / 75 ABT

Short oil alkyd resin for 2K-PU coatings with short drying-time and high solid content.

SINTAL F 184 / 70 X

Non yellowing alkyd resin, suitable for high quality NC, AC, PU and stoving coatings.

SINTAL F 51 P / 70 SN 100

Designed for the preparation of highly compatible solvent universal and stable pigmented pastes.

SINTAL HS 88 / 88 RM

Resin for high solids air-drying enamels for application by brush, it is used also to formulate pigmented pastes at very low VOC.

SINTAL MR 932 / 50 D40

Medium oil alkyd resin, used for enamels and/or protective primers, antirust, for decorative field and “DIY”.

SINTAL MR 933 / 70 X

Particularly suggested to use for universal tinting pastes. High compatibility and pigments wettability.

SINTAL R 05 / 50 X

Very fast drying rust-proof basecoat resistant to overcoating even with nitrocellulose products.

SINTAL R 33 / 60 X

Alkyd resin based on mixed fatty acid, used for 2K systems solvent-borne, both for primers and topcoats for wood.

SINTAL R 35 / 60 X

Designed for stoving industrial systems. Combined with amino resins gives very reactive systems. Good adhesion, flexibility and weather resistance.


SINTAL R 567 / 60 X

Short oil alkyd resin used in polyurethane coatings for wood and metal. Specially suitable for nitro system, open-pore finishes, matt and satin finishes.

SINTAL S 010 / 60 X

Fast drying and non yellowing enamels with outstanding gloss retention.

SINTAL S 09 / 60 X

Very fast drying glossy enamels resistant to overcoating.

SINTAL S 340 / 60 X

Short oil alkyd resin suitable for fast air-drying, nitro and stoving enamels for metal; also suitable for 2 pack PU coatings for wood.

SINTAL S 380 / 60 T

Ideal resin for non yellowing, non thermoplastic and low dust absorption road marking paints.

SINTAL S 390 / 60 X

Nitrocellulose, air drying enamels and amino stoving enamels. It combines excellent mechanical properties, very quickly dust and touch free times.

SINTAL S 408 / 75 RM

Slyghtly thixotropic alkyd with anti-sagging property, combined to excellent flow.

SINTAL S 50 / 50 RM

Non-yellowing, fast drying synthetic enamels with glossy surface finishing. Very good sandability.

SINTAL S 63 / 70 RM

Non yellowing glossy enamels for indoor and outdoor application. Specially designed for do it yourself application.

SINTAL S 65 / 70 D40

Air-drying alkyd suitable for decorative enamels, with outstanding gloss retention and very limited yellowing. Mainly used for DIY market.

SINTAL S 69 / 75 RM

Resin for air-drying enamels for application by spraying and by brush, with excellent yellowing resistance, good brushability and high gloss.

SINTAL T 300 / 60 X

Nitrocellulosa coatings, fast air drying enamels.

SINTAL WR 80 / 80 RM

Clear or pigmented glossy coatings for marine applications, window and door frames, wooden or metal fencing.


Matt finish air drying enamels for marine applications, window and door frames, wooden or metal fencing. Good for matt flatting.

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