GALSTAFF MULTIRESINE S.p.A. is an Italian Enterprise focused on the production of synthetic resins and auxiliaries for coatings and printing inks, with a story and know how more than half century long. Our products are distributed all around the world, where the quality, the consistancy and the personalized service are appreciated. In order to assure our customers, on the reliability and the innovation of our products, we have a team of engineers, which represents the 25% of the total organization. This is a reality which places Galstaff Multiresine S.p.A. as a company highly technically oriented, with this aim to provide, exhisting and potential customers, with a continuous and effective support both an actual and new coating resins and auxiliaries.

Galstaff Multiresine S.p.A. pays a special attention to the health, safety and environment protection by dedicating all the necessary resources to promptly react and comply with all the new H.S.E. regulations.

Our Company organization is certified, since many years, according to the total quality management rules and processes, so that our Company standards are in line with the highest expectations of the customers.


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